Before a label can be manufactured, we must first choose the appropriate material. The material, also known as face stock, is chosen with the customer in mind. There are many face stocks available to suit many different applications. The environment to which the label will be subjected and the surfaces to which the label will be applied are very important considerations. Temperature, moisture, and the application of the label must be taken into account. Matching the appropriate face stock with the required adhesive ensures that the label will perform to the expectations of our customer.

The process begins with the raw material being fed through the press. Each individual print station applies a precise amount of ink to the printing plates, which transfers the ink to the face stock. After the label is die cut, the trim is removed. The master roll is now ready for the rewind and quality control where the labels are inspected and packaged to the customer’s specifications.

Our Services Include:

Custom Labels
• Prime Product Labels
• Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons
• Direct Thermal Labels
• Hang Tags
• Static Cling Labels
• Coupon Labels
• Scale Labels
• Bar Code Labels
• Consecutive Numbering
• Laminated Labels
• Shipping Labels

• Thermal Transfer
• Direct Thermal
• Fluorescent
• Semi Gloss
• High Gloss
• Foil
• Clear Poly
• Laser
• Inkjet
• Tags
• Cling Vinyl
• Piggy Back
• Blockout
• Tyvek

Computer Labels
• Address Labels
• Shipping Labels
• CD/DVD Labels
• Audio/Video Labels
• Inkjet Printer Labels
• Laser Printer Labels
• Photocopier Labels
• Photo Quality Labels
• Glossy Labels
• Removable Labels
• Blockout Labels

Bar Coding
• Barcode Software
• Bar Code Printers
• Thermal Transfer Labels
• Direct Thermal Labels
• Thermal Ribbons

Supermarket Labels
• Scale Labels
• Merchandising Labels
• Pricing Labels & Guns
• Coupon Labels

Direct Mail Supplies
• Clip Seal Labels
• Address Labels
• Shipping Labels

Print Management
• Offset
• Silkscreen
• Digital