Thermal Printers and Supplies 
Clabro label carries a large number of consumable products for use in thermal direct or thermal transfer applications. We also sell many different makes and models of printers. Some of which are listed below.
Printer Brands

  • Datamax
  • Sato
  • Tec
  • Fargo
  • Zebra
  • METO

If you require more information on supplies on any make or model of printer not shown here, please Contact Us.

Hand-Held Labelers
Handheld Labeling Systems are convenient and versatile. Clabro offers Meto and Primark brand hand-held price marking and label application systems for retail and industrial applications from in-store price marking to factory floor coding. Known for their ergonomic styling, these units maximize user efficiency, reducing operator fatigue and set new standards for reliability and ease of use.

Choose from basic, five-character price marking units to more advanced models that print up to three lines in five different font sizes, to consecutive numbering tools. Dispensers are also available for pre-printed promotional/merchandising and EAS labels. To complement our hand-held tools, Clabro also offers a full array of stock and custom labels. Options include:

  • Choice of colors, sizes and materials
  • Specially developed adhesives
  • Label preprints Label die cut

Turn-O-Matic Queueing Systems
Turn-O-Matic® — first-class customer service on an economy ticket
Improve customer service with a customer priority system. By reserving each customer's place in line and notifying customers when they can be served, Turn-O-Matic® take-a-number system helps retailers be sure that service is fair, orderly and stress free for customers and staff alike. What's more, customers can shop while waiting, so Turn-O-Matic® helps increase profitability.

Turn-O-Matic's® modular design lets retailers customize a system to their needs and expand it easily. Options include:

  • Two or three digit indicators
  • Variety of styles and custom color options available
  • Wireless RF transmission or push-button hook-up
  • Turn-O-Matic® C900S control unit for pharmacies and other non-sequential applications
  • Fixture- or floor-mounted ticket dispensers in two styles; custom color options available
  • Windows-based Turn-O-View software that lets you observe line activity live or review statistical information minute by minute, day by day, week by week, or month by month
  • Lighted signal alert cubes to control line and wait times


Labeling & Merchandising Systems
Today's consumers are in a hurry. They want pricing and promotional information at a glance. They also want fast, efficient service. Give your customers what they want, with Clabro's complete range of cost-effective retail merchandising solutions, including:

  • Hand-held labeling systems
  • Thermo Printers and Supplies
  • Customer priority systems

Clabro's retail merchandising solutions are ideal for food retailers, DIY and other non-food retail environments that rely heavily on in-store promotion of a wide range of products. They also fit the bill for small to medium-sized retailers who don't need or can't afford proprietary or fully customized merchandising materials. With Clabro, you can have both quality and cost savings.