Files supplied by you:
It is important files are set up correctly in the appropriate graphics application.

Artwork Requirements:
Artwork requirements vary between certain printing processes; therefore different specifications not mentioned here might be required. In this event, you will be notified in advance. These requirements are guidelines only, and may vary as certain products have different specifications. If you have any questions, check with your Clabro agent.

Files/Programs we use:
Vector Based:
Adobe Illustrator CS (or less): AI, EPS files
Corel Draw: EPS only
These files must be native vector based.

  • Type must be converted to outlines or curves
  • Files must be setup with the appropriate dimensions and keyline
  • Files must include a 1/8” bleed
  • Images must be linked and saved separately in an images folder
  • Colour Management (send pdf of Colour Separations)

Raster Based:
Adobe Photoshop CS (or less): PSD, Tiff, Jpeg,

  • Images must be in CMYK colour mode, spot duotone or grayscale
  • Files must be 300dpi at 100%

Files supplied in the following formats will be unusable or cost extra than the estimated price:
Web quality graphics are 72dpi and RGB colour, cannot be used for final art submission.
Examples of non-Graphic Applications: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Corel Wordperfect, ect.

Faxes, photocopies and business cards will involve recreation of your artwork to meet industry standards. Clabro, at minimal costs, do this procedure.

Mac / PC Compatibility
Clabro accepts both MAC and PC files and supports most industry standard graphics and desktop publishing applications.

Here at Clabro we work closely with a design company who would be only too pleased to help. They will give you advice; direction and they can guide you through the potential minefields of file types, font issues, resolution requirements and other potential pitfalls.

Graphic Design Services:
We offer a complete line of creative communications products for print, web and prepress production.

Design services can be considered an investment that will shape the future of an organization. We guarantee to exceed the expectations of our clients, to inspire the creative process, and to deliver superior results.

It is important that the company’s corporate image:

  • Be simple, yet notable;
  • Be clean, crisp and effective;
  • Reproduce well in newspaper advertisements and brochures; and
  • Be clearly visible and appealing.

Here is a partial list of our services:

Business Cards
Tradeshow Pieces
Product Packaging
Stationery Packages
Promotional Items
Prepress Setups
Web Design & Graphics
Corporate Training

Ask about speaking to a designer regarding your needs and we will provide you with an estimate of the costs involved.